Doggie Days

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Traditional Boarding

Traditional Boarding Rates:
One dog: $22/ night

Each additional dog is $5.00 Off ($17.00 a night)

(Dogs must be kenneled together for discount)

Any 1 night stay is $35.

Traditional boarders have their own private kennel and are let out for potty breaks and play time 6-10 times a day. If requested, dogs in the same family can stay together. Unlike boarding with daycare, our traditional boarders do not have playtime with other dogs but do get to go outside multiple times during the day to play. We recommend this option for dogs that are not spayed or neutered, or dogs that may not play well with other dogs.

Additional Services:

Administer medication (supplied by owner): $3/ night
Insulin is $5.00/night
House food: $6/ night

Exit baths and grooms are available upon request, charge is based on the size of your dog and condition of their coat.


Nature Walks

Nature walks are a great way for our traditional boarders to have a little extra outside time. Our nature walks include a 15 minute walk through trails that will stimulate your pet mentally, physically, and will captivate their senses. They'll see an array of forest wildlife, a pond, and much more. During our nature walks, our staff has a chance to form a bond with your dog to help them feel more comfortable during their stay. Nature walks can also relieve anxiety, regulate digestion, and reduce boredom.

Nature walk rates:
1 walk: $10
3 walks: $25
5 walks: $40