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Temperament Testing

To decide whether or not your dog is a candidate for doggie daycare, they must pass a temperament test before playing (this can be done same day that you bring your pet in for daycare, it takes a few hours). Doggie Daycare is a unique environment that many dogs have yet to experience it. Because dogs are allowed to interact with other dogs in the playgroups it is important to closely screen the dogs before they are allowed to play. It is also important that the staff build a relationship with each dog, ensuring that they make the best, most fun and the safest groups possible. Our staff are not dog trainers and your dog must be comfortable around other dogs before coming to play at our daycare.

So how does it work?

When you first arrive we will review your dog's vaccine records. Incomplete records will prevent your dog from being able to stay, so be sure to have all of the required vaccines up to date and the appropriate paperwork from your veterinarian.

 While you are present, our staff will greet your dog in the lobby for a pre- test. This ensures us that your dog will be comfortable with us after you leave.

 New dogs need to stay with us for a minimum of 4 hours for their temperament test. If they do well, they may stay the entire day and play.
 After the pre-test you can leave your dog with us to conduct the rest of their test. We will take your dog into the kennel area and allow him or her to roam around by themselves, inside and outside, so that they get comfortable with their surroundings. Once we see that they are comfortable and relaxed, we will introduce another dog that has already passed their temperament test. If your dog shows zero signs of aggression or dominant behavior, we will continue to introduce one dog at a time until the entire group is introduced.

Temperament Test Fee $22 This is a one time charge for your pet to be evaluated by our staff.