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Q: Do I need to bring my dog's food?

A: Yes, we require you to bring your pet's food from home. However, if you forget your dog's food, we can feed them our house food for an additional charge of $5/ night. Food must be stored in a lidded container (food storage container, bucket, tupperware).  If you don't bring food with a lidded container you will be charged $2/day to rent a container from our facility. 

Q: If my dog fails the temperament test, does that mean he/she is a bad dog? Can you still keep them?

A: If your dog fails their temperament test with other dogs, it absolutely does not mean that your dog is a bad dog. Some dogs don't desire attention from other dogs, they desire more attention from people instead. Having a dog aggressive dog does not mean they're bad or you did anything wrong raising them. It just simply means they do not need attention from other dogs and should do Traditional boarding only. The only time we completely turn a dog away is when they are people aggressive, if we cannot put our hands on your dog to move them from kennel to kennel or to feed them, then we cannot let them stay at Doggie Days. 

Q: I would like to make a grooming appointment, but I need my dog back ASAP, is that ok?

A: Yes, just let us know when you arrive for your grooming appointment that you need  your dog back a certain time and we will make sure we have them done in time. If you need to pick your dog up before our lunch break an express fee will apply.

Q: I bought my dog's vaccines from a Tractor Supply Store, is that still ok for their vaccine requirements?

A: No, we no longer accept vaccines from any feed and seed store. Vaccines must be given by your veterinarian. This is to make sure that the vaccines were shipped appropriately and refrigerated appropriately so that they take full effect before drop- off.

Q: Why do I have to get my dog's vaccines done 72 hours before dropping them off?

A: Some dogs may have a reaction to their vaccine that makes them sick so the 72 hour timeline makes sure that they don't react in any way. 

Q: My dog needs medication, will you be able to give it to them?

A: Yes, our staff are trained so that giving medication to your dog will not be a problem.

Q: How long do the dogs play in daycare?

A: Dogs that participate in daycare are out playing from 7:30 am- 11:30 am and 1:30 pm- the end of the day. Dog's get nap time from 11:30-1:30. 

Q: I would like for my dog to do Traditional boarding, but I don't want them to stay in a kennel all day.

A: No problem! Our traditional boarders are let outside for potty breaks and individual play time, anywhere from 4-6 times a day depending on how busy we are. 

Q: My dog's food or medication needs to be refrigerated, is that ok?

A: Yes, refrigerated food or medication is not a problem, we will make sure it stays refrigerated. 

Q: I picked my dog up from boarding and the next day he/ she had diarrhea. Why is that?

A: Just like humans, stress can be difficult on a dog's body. Stress can be caused from a change in environment, a change in food, or separation anxiety. Often times new boarders will have diarrhea after being picked up from boarding. This does not mean that your dog was stressed during their stay but it could mean that the change in environment caused an upset stomach. Most of the time the problem can be fixed with Pepcid and does not require a vet visit. If we notice that your pet has diarrhea or vomiting due to stress, you will be notified and we will do our best to symptomatically treat your pet while they are here.

Q: Who is your emergency veterinarian?

A: Dr. Martha Shannon is our emergency Veterinarian, she is located in Jefferson