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Daycare Boarding


Dogs that participate in daycare boarding have over 2,500 square foot of room to play indoors and outdoors. We teach your dog to use the doggie doors so that they have free access to the outside play areas, as well as, the indoor play areas. Dogs are separated based on size, so your dog won't be with anyone that is significantly bigger or smaller than he/she is. To participate in daycare boarding, every dog must be over 14 weeks of age and pass a temperament test. If requested, dogs in the same family can stay in the same kennel.

Daycare boarding rates:

2+ Nights: $35

Any 1 night stay is $38

Each additional dog is $5.00 Off/night)

(Dogs must be kenneled together for discount)
(Dogs who can not eat together can not be kenneled together)

Additional Needs:

Administer medication (supplied by owner): $3/ night

Insulin $5.00/night

House food: $5/ night

Exit baths and grooms are available upon request, charge is based on the size of your dog and condition of their coat.