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Busy days happen, whether it is a doctor appointment or work, sometimes you just can't be home with your pet all day. Doggie daycare is an excellent way to make sure your pet is never bored at home, alone. After passing a temperament test, any dog, 14 weeks of age or older, can participate in our doggie daycare. 

We separate our daycare groups according to size (small group/medium group/large group) and if we need to accommodate older pets we can separate the groups by age (puppy play group/water play group/older group no high energy group). Our daycare groups spend the majority of the day playing in an indoor and outdoor area. Each of our four play areas has about 2500 square feet of play space indoors and outdoors. Dogs have access outside through a doggie door, and if your pet has never used a doggie door, no worries, we'll teach them while they're here.

Nap time is a from 11:30-1:30 so that your dogs can get a chance to rest from playing all morning and lunch is available for dogs whose parents provide it. By the time parents arrive to pick-up their dogs from doggie daycare, they’ll find their dog tired, hungry and ready for bed. This is a dream come true for an equally tired pet owner!

Benefits of Doggie Daycare include: 
Socialization with other dogs and people
Hyperactive dogs get a chance to play out their energy
Dogs learn appropriate social behaviors
Fun activities like play gyms, pool time, bubbles, ball pits, fetch, and toys

All dogs participating in doggie daycare are required to be up to date on their Rabies, Distemper Parvo, and Bordetella Vaccines. Vaccines must be given at least 72 hours prior to daycare. A current copy of vaccines must be provided upon drop- off. We do not accept vaccines from feed and seed stores.

All new dogs will have to do a temperament test before allowed to play in daycare

A temperament test will last a few hours.  We have an adjustment period for the new dog and then we will proceed with the testing.  If our new friend passes we will continue to let them play until the owners pick up.  If they do not pass, we will inform the owner.   

Daycare Packages

These days expire one year from purchase date.
5 Days
 10 Days
 15 Days
 30 Days

Flea Policy:

Any pets found with fleas will be immediately given a Capstar at the owners expense. Capstar is a pill that kills all the fleas on your pet wihin 30 minutes and keeps them off for at least 24 hours. This is to  keep our facility         and other dogs flea free. Capstar is an additional $6. 

Daycare Rates

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 Full Day
 $8/ hour
 Each additional pet
 Temperment Test

Spay and neuter policy:

Any pets not spayed or neutered after 6 months of age can only play with their genders. Boys with boys only/ Girls with girls only. They cannot play in large groups.